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Take a day trip to any one of the numerous activities and places our mountains have to offer.

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   Mountain biking on hundreds of miles of trails, old mining and logging roads from our local 7,000 feet elevation up to 9,000 feet (higher than that you will run into the snow until summer).










Captain Zipline Tour – Fly on 8 different lines that zigzag across Lost Canyon for a total of 2,600+ feet. Learn the geology and history of the area and soak in the rugged beauty. 

It is fun and exciting and very smooth. Practice on the bunny line before going out over the canyon. Open year-round. Meeting for the tour is 7 blocks away and less than 10 minutes to the zipline site. Reservations recommended.














Whitewater raft and kayak on some of the most incredibly scenic and exciting Class 1-4 on the Arkansas River. The best rafting is usually from the middle of May to the middle of August depending on the water level. Peak run-off is usually around the middle of June.


















Downtown Salida, enjoy Art Galleries, Antique Shops, and unique Jewelry Boutiques and excellent restaurants. This is the perfect place for a date night.  There is also a Skateboard Park. The Kayak/Whitewater Park, River Walk, Outdoor Sculpture Garden, local community theater, the Steam Plant, and Bongo Billy’s Salida Café with live entertainment are all located on the banks of the Arkansas River.









A train ride through the Royal Gorge – Breathtaking and historic. Definitely worth it! 45 minutes east on Hwy 50









Alligator Farm –Visit all kinds of reptiles and huge alligators raised in thermal springs. 1 hour, 45 minutes South in the San Luis Valley.


Mountain Biking

Hiking on the Colorado Trail that winds along the Continental Divide from Durango to Denver, the Rainbow Trail that follows the Sangre de Cristo Mountain Range southeast or the Salida Trail System in Salida that goes along the Arkansas River and several small lakes. Higher elevations of the Colorado Trail and Rainbow Trail will have snow until Summer.

Woman on Zip Line

Rock Climbing- Enjoy the many bouldering

sites, rock climbing sites all with various

degrees of difficulty. For the beginner or advanced “crag” expert in you.

Scaling the Rocks
Inflatable Raft

Rock-hounding – Search for Apache tears and garnets at Ruby Mountain, visit old mine sites, hunt for arrowheads, pan for gold.

Grocery Shopping

Royal Gorge Park – World’s Highest Suspension Bridge, gondola, incline train, miniature train, deer herd, theme park. 35 minutes east.

Toy Train

Great Sand Dune National Monument – Climb dunes like the Sahara Desert. In late Spring and early Summer, the “river” is lovely to swim and play in. 1 hour, 45 minutes South in the San Luis Valley.

Sand Dune
Image by Vish K
Woman in Hot Tub

Mt. Princeton HotSprings Resort -Enjoy the 100 degree creek side soaking pool or swim in the 90-degree lap pool. Or let your inner child go down the 300-foot long water slide.

Cottonwood HotSprings -Soak in Colorado’s purest, geothermal, gravity-fed mineral spas. Experience the rock-lined soaking pools, cold plunge and sauna.

Joyful Journey Hot Springs – Soak in outdoor pools protected by windscreens, great views of the Sangre de Cristo Mountains, very clean. Discounts.  45 minutes South in the San Luis Valley.

ATV Gloves

Ride ATVs on guided tours or on your own through incredible scenery. All abilities.

Fish Puzzle

Chaffee County Fish Hatchery and Rearing Unit.  You can feed the fish, learn and watch how it is done to stock our rivers, lakes and streams. Private tours, and groups welcome. 719-539-6877

Golf Club and Ball

The Salida Golf Course.

The Four Mile Ranch Golf Course


The Royal Gorge Dinosaur Experience provides an affordable, dynamic and high-value educational opportunity for kids of all ages and enables families to learn and recreate together on stunning property with views of the famed Royal Gorge Bridge and Colorado’s stunning Sangre de Cristo mountain range.

White Rocks

Gold Mine Rock Shop, a legendary shop frequented by rockhounds, jewelry makers, arrowhead hobbyists, fossil fans, and landscapers. Not only does it boast the largest selection of rocks in Colorado, but it is also considered the place to purchase rocks and gems of superior quality.

Horse Riding in the Valley

Cottonwood Stables

One- and two-hour, half-day and full-day rides in the Sangre de Cristo Mountains. Beginner, Experienced and “Steak Rides” (early evening ride).  Phone: (719) 942-4125

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